Philipp Rappold

UI engineer specialized in building large-scale JavaScript applications.

Work and contributions

  • The logo of Restor


    Helped build a science-based, open data platform to support nature preservation and restoration efforts.


  • The logo of Montro


    Contributed to building a marketplace providing enthusiasts with a platform for buying and selling pre-owned, luxury timepieces.


  • The logo of Mollie


    As part of the partnerships team, I worked on enabling creative agencies and e-commerce platforms to integrate through Mollie’s partner program.

    • Worked with the design team to establish a company-wide design system and lead the initial technical implementation.

    • Added the first commits to what would later become Mollie’s internal component library.

    • Built tooling to maintain design-tokens within Figma and developed pipelines to consume them in the different front-end clients.

    • Built the demo website for Mollie Checkout.

    • Integrated two-factor authentication within the Mollie dashboard and authentication pages.

    • Added support for payment links within Mollie’s mobile app.

    • Created and extended partner insights dashboards.


  • The logo of TicketSwap


    In a team of front-end engineers, I contributed to building a platform for buying and selling second-hand tickets for events worldwide.

    • Initiated the migration to a universal front-end client and helped rebuild the web app from the ground up.

    • Introduced an open-source component library and icon library.

    • Established documentation for best practices in JavaScript testing and accessible components.

    • Collaborated with design-team to improve handoff and asset management.

    • Mentored junior and medior front-end developers.


  • The logo of Bolden


    Worked on medium to large scale e–commerce projects in the Dutch music and fashion landscape.


  • The logo of

    Independently consulting clients in music, culture, advertising and technology.

  • The logo of MetaLab


    Designed user interfaces on the consulting-team for well-known industry clients as well as internal products.


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Hello, I’m Philipp. I’m an Austrian software engineer living in the Netherlands. I thrive when collaborating with teams that contribute to large JavaScript applications. I’m a strong advocate for design systems and component-based UI development and, having a background in design, I feel most comfortable at the intersection where design meets engineering.

In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis, gardening, and spending time with friends or my two cats, Kain and Abel.

The moniker “rppld” is my online alias and the name of my consulting business.

  • A portrait of myself
  • My cat Kain
  • A flower blooming in my garden